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Use Funnel Messenger in Easy 4 Steps

Step 1: Connect Your Facebook
Account in Funnel Messenger App

Step 2: Add Website and
FB Page

Step 3: Copy the Optin Code from Funnel Messenger and Add it in your website

Step 4: Start Converting Website Visitors* into Facebook Messenger Leads

All the other Facebook Messenger software programs could ONLY convert Facebook fans into Facebook Messenger subscribers - Less Coverage and Less Impact On business Growth

Funnel Messenger Converts Your Website Visitors into Messenger Subscribers [Unique, Innovative, Fresh & Powerful Technology]

Funnel Messenger is Epitome Of How to Squeeze Maximum Out of Messenger (Very 1st of It’s kind Of Messenger App Ever Made)

One to One Engagement With Website Visitor Inside Messenger is Dream Come True

When Funnel Messenger message your visitors right Inside their messenger Inbox, Imagine

Upto 100% Open Rate

Notifications across mobile devices, tablets and the red message dot inside of FB.

Engaging personalization (addressing people by their name in message)

Instant personal one on one engagement with prospects sky -rockets conversions

Convert Leads, Engage, Offer discounts, coupons, surveys and more inside a platform they TRUST

Look at Beta User Shocking Results With Funnel Messenger

1. Funnel Messenger Helped Him Add Extra $21k In 1 Month

15 Strong Reasons To Use Funnel Messenger with Fb Messenger (Core USPs)

50 Times Better Than Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the oldest form of traffic method – Evergreen & good but not that reliable as it was earlier.

Few months back Gmail became strict and open rate dropped from 20% to 4% straight away for 99% of online entrepreneurs.

But 100% of your subscriber will see your message in fb messenger and everyone will be instantly notified on browser/app notification as this is new message on fb messenger app.

10X Better Than Double Optins Leads

It’s hard to reach 50% open rate even with double optin subscribers after recent Gmail changes.

Story is similar for Comcast, yahoo, Hotmail and other email companies.

Use Funnel Messenger for 10 times more engagement rate with 100% open rate guaranteed.

Collect REAL leads On Website Use Funnel Messenger interactive buttons (New Era CTA)

Subscribers do add fake email ids to opt-in in new era because they are tired of receiving promotional mails.

But they can’t do it in fb messenger as primary email id (email id of their facebook account) is referred in funnel messenger for messenger message.

You will collect REAL Targeted Leads from your website using our Funnel Messenger Interactive, new colourful CTA Buttons

Build & Grow your messenger list via your website

Convert Non Fans Into Fb Page Fans

If subscriber has not liked your fb fan page, you can send them message with click button.

Convert All non fans to Fans with this smart strategy using Funnel Messenger.

You can send this type of message with click button to anyone who has even commented on your page or messaged you

Connect All Offline Prospect in 1 Click

Add facebook messenger bar code on your visiting card or add your offline list messenger list link

As soon as they visit that link or scan bar code They’ll be added to list.

You can message this offline list at once making them feel like it’s personal message just for them

Convert eMail subscribers to your Fb Messenger Subscriber

Make each list with same name correspondence to your email marketing list.

Simply send link of each messenger list (link provided in Funnel Messenger) as part of your mail to respective list and ask them to click on it.

Anyone who click on this link will join your messenger list. Keep repeating the cycle to convert over 95% of your email list as fb messenger list

Get all subscribers on messenger list to boost your engagement via 10X.

Fb Messenger List better than Fb Fans & Email List

Fb Fan page reach is only 6% as compared to 100% on fb messenger.

Your all post don’t reach every fan of yours unlike message in messenger.

Increase engagement of each fan page via Funnel Messenger message just for them

Better than Fb Ads (best Targeting)

Fb Ads is new age Traffic source which is pretty cool but It’s PAID, require learning & expertise apart from routine work of making good graphics and text content for ads without which ad campaign can FAIL badly.

I’m not suggesting you to quiet Fb Ads.

Simply adding Funnel messenger and Fb Messenger marketing with 5X your results with Fb Ads using one of the feature of Funnel messenger.

Increase your fb page response time and overall reach

Auto-Set message which are set on particular keyword or hashtags will send accurate response to each received message on your fb page INSTALTY.

Thus decreasing your page response time to Instantly which is good to increase your reach, superior trust & build brand authority online

Interactive FAQ, Coupon Codes & Surveys

Dump those tools, pop-ups or static style of FAQs.

Now you can make interactive FAQs, send coupon codes & make interactive surveys via Funnel messenger.

Use On Your Shopify or eCom Store [Shopify App – Coming Soon]

On Special request of Shopify e-Commerce sellers who served as our beta users.

We’re adding Shopify app for e-Commerce sellers to leverage all features of Funnel Messenger on their shopify/eCom Store.

increase your reach, superior trust & build brand authority online

With Word press Plugin (Specially for WordPress Sellers)

Want to increase likes, engagement, views of particular fan page or newly made fan page

Using Funnel Messenger, you can message other fan pages about this 1 fan page Add Like button, link or anything on which you want to increase engagement.

Grow fan pages on steroids without much efforts using your own audience

Increase overall Viewership, Engagement & Exposure

by alerting fb messenger list for new updates

  • Adding new video to youtube?
  • Added new blogpost on your website?
  • Want to promote new eCom/affiliate offer?
  • Want to send traffic to any link?
  • Want to update audience about new arrivals, new updates?
  • Use Funnel Messenger & message your subscribers

Create Smart Sequence Messages

Trigger intelligent messages based on user behavior to boost Engagement by 10X

Send targeted auto-set message depending on user’s interaction or reply to previous message.

This feature is only available in high end costly email marketing solution for email senders.

We made it possible in fb messenger marketing suite only In Funnel messenger

Fb Messenger is Better Than Facebook

Your each & every subscriber see your every message (Reach is 100%) as compared to 6% organic reach pages or groups on Facebook.

No other platform has 100% reach.

FB Messenger is Powerful Juicy machine If Used with Funnel Messenger

Available Now For Just $47 - One Time Payment (Special Launch Week Offer)

ALERT: Turning $97/Month (Recurring) Exactly In...

180 Days Money Back Guarantee

Nothing On The Market Even Comes Close To What Funnel Messenger Does – At Any Price!

Step by Step Traffic Monetisation Video Tutorials Included To Get You Started Within Minutes from Now...

From the desk of Jai Sharma (Top Software Vendor Awardee) & Saransh Chopra

Dear Entreprenuer,

After 15 consecutive 6 fig. successful launches, being titled as one of the best software vendors in world, winning few prestigious awards, becoming one of the fastest guy to do 7 fig. business in 1st year of my online career-2015 (Over $3.7 Million in just 32 Months of my online career now) & Over 60000 Happy repeat customers list

I Learnt 2 important lessons which either grow your business exponentially or drown it

1.   Great Customer Support after sales which serve as the bedrock of your brand reputation. One of my success pillars
2.   Your Ability to Correctly Anticipate Future Trends which can change Industry – Innovation, Fresh Upcoming Ideas

i.e: How AI will change our lives, Emergence of Crypto-Currencies, Growth in field of Travel by SpaceX- Elon Musk Innovation

The FACT IS : Traffic is the “Life Blood” of any business.

If your business is NOT acquiring fresh TRAFFIC all the time, it will die off sooner than you think.
Facebook Messenger is the new leader in Best Traffic Streams Today surpassing Instagram, fb ads, email marketing, media buying etc.

We are masters in Squeezing Facebook Messenger's API to make applications which help entrepreneur’s community grow using the power of messenger.

We made Funnel Messenger on popular demand of customers –
Including all possible features of fb messenger which can help in business growth

Why Do You Need To Use Funnel Messenger Now In Business?

In spite of being major player in phone industry, Nokia didn’t respond to smart screen trend but Samsung took it with both hands

Rest All Of Us Know History about the downfall of Nokia & Rise Of Samsung.

You have World’s First & Smartest Fb Messenger Marketing Suite to message website visitors in messenger to make optimal profits in Business.

Proudly Presents...

Message Website Visitors, Convert Website/Store Visitors Into Messenger Subscribers, Build Unlimited List, Broadcast Unlimited Messages To Unlimited Subscribers On Facebook & Connect With Them Right Inside Their Fb Messenger Inbox


Watch This Demo Video To See It In Action

Available Now For Just $47 - One Time Payment (Special Launch Week Offer)

ALERT: Turning $97/Month (Recurring) Exactly In...

180 Days Money Back Guarantee

Different Ways to Leverage Power Of Funnel Messenger

Blueprint 1:

User Visits Your website

by alerting fb messenger list for new updates

  • Enter’s his email id to download your amazing free report or claim trail access to your software
  • he is Asked to tick the facebook Check box below the sign up box so that the free gift can be directly send to his messenger
  • he simply ticks the box and clicks the sign up button

You get his email + he is subscribed to your messenger list as well [a confirmation message is send to user via FB Messenger to confirm his subscription]

If your visitor doesnt clicks the check box, he is shown a alert message as below:

You can make check box mandatory like email id for your users to check to download free things from your website or make it optional. We have both options

This Sign up box can be under the submit button or floating on your website

Blueprint 2:

User Visits your website and a pop up slides from the left corner asking user to download your amazing free software or report

It has a Facebook Check box beneath the beneath the download button

Visitor Checks the facebook checkbox and clicks the download link
The free report is send to user via facebook messenger and he is added to your messenger list

Blueprint 3:

You add this check box anywhere on your website and ask people to check the same to receive updates from you. this is the most easiest way in which you can build you facebook messenger list from your website

Funnel Messenger Integrate with Popular Apps for 10X Growth
Via Automation

Integrate with WordPress, OptimizePress, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce & All other Popular Landing Page Builders.

Along with that You can use it with any kind of eCommerce site like Shopify, WooCommere, Magento and many others

Accelerate your business growth with our Zapier & Wordpress Integrations

Get Fb Messenger Leads Using Funnel Messenger and

Sync them into multiple platforms to give extra wings to your marketing campaigns.

How Messenger Marketing Drives 10X Results Using Traditional Traffic Methods

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We’ve got 8 different Facebook Ad guides you can use to create your specific ads to ensure you have all the important pieces in place.

We’ve also included the PSD versions of the Facebook Ad templates so you can quickly update the text or swap out whatever you’d like to get your Facebook Ad up and ready and looking great.


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So STOP wasting your precious time on menial tasks and let Funnel Messenger add colors to your life by freeing up your time 10x more to get new leads through perfect Fb Messenger Campaigns.

PPS. If you’ve reached till here, I understand you want to be 100% sure about this software and technology. Fair Enough, please check how Facebook has started to monetize Messenger as their next big thing along with fb ads inside it. Google how big brands are increasing their customer engagement with messenger marketing and how this is leaving all traditional marketing methods far behind in the race

Facebook Messenger is New Age Marketing Method and Funnel Messenger is App to Leverage This Technology.
If You Miss Messenger Marketing In Your Business, You’ll Miss the Bus to Growth

Available Now For Just $47 - One Time Payment (Special Launch Week Offer)

ALERT: Turning $97/Month (Recurring) Exactly In...

180 Days Money Back Guarantee

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions
1. How is This Different from Other FB Messaging Apps?
Other messaging apps allow you to convert fb fan pages into subscribers. They used to work with Facebook pages - Less Coverage and Impact On business Growth.

Funnel Messenger Converts Your Website Visitors Into Messenger Leads [Unique, Innovative, Fresh & Powerful Technology] Funnel Messenger is Epitome Of How to Squeeze Maximum Out of Messenger (Very 1st of It’s kind Of Messenger App Ever Made)
2. Is This Facebook Compliant?
Yes, Funnel Messenger has been approved by Facebook with all necessary API permissions to perform every action inside the software.
3. Will This Work on my Mac/Windows?
Yes! Funnel Messenger is a fully cloud-based solution and will work on any operating system.
All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.
4. Is Training Included?
Absolutely - a complete video knowledge base is included to walk you through every step of setting up and operating the software.
5. Does this works with Optin Monster and Other similar Wordpress plugins?
Absolutely Yes – We have integration and compatible with the majority of WordPress plugins.
In no way are we associated with Facebook. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility is no longer on any Instagram owned entity.
Your information and privacy is 100% secure and will NEVER be shared. Facebook is in NO WAY associated with this website or anything here in.
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